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Please Take Action!

More and more, children are being bullied on school campuses. There has to be a push to intervene more effectively, but how?

Administrators: At the beginning of each school year, consider mandating staff development sessions on bullying. We need teachers/staff members to receive training on how to identify children who are likely targets of bullying, but most importantly, we need you to target school bullies. Afterward, we have to depend on you to train your ENTIRE staff.
Children who are likely targets of bullying:
  • Children who are new on a campus (other children already established their friends, and now the new child is an outcast trying to find friends)
  • Sometimes, children who are scholars may become targets
  • Children in the minority on school campuses
  • Children from diverse, or low-socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Jealousy is a huge factor in bullying, too
  • Children with learning challenges
  • Children with physical challenges
All these listed above, breaks my heart, but educators can play a huge role in the intervention process.
Administrators: On the first day of school, ask your teachers/staff to look for patterns.
These patterns may include:
1. What child has not been included within a table group?
2. What child has not been chosen to play a game/sport?
3. What child is sitting alone in the cafeteria?
4. What child seems lost or lonely?
5. What child is sitting or walking alone on the playground?
6. What child appears sad all the time?

Administrators: Train teachers to teach children not to become bystanders watching cruelty happen. Train teachers to role-model how some behaviors may hurt others (their peers).

We need teachers in our classrooms focusing on Social-Emotional Learning techniques – Take a look at a few recommended resources – Resource 1   Resource 2    Resource 3

Train teachers to help children with social issues. Help children understand the (this could be me’ syndrome). Children need to consider how it would feel to be an outcast at school, thus — the need to include their peers (those that are left out) of groups.
Empower children to become leaders who are doing great things for others in need.
Yes, it’s sad to think that we must deal with bullying issues along with educating our children. Isn’t this the real reason our children are in school – to learn? Instead, we are dealing with adverse behaviors called bullying. Yes, bullying! Bullying hurts and can lead to unthinkable actions, so we must act fast and intervene. Our children deserve to attend safe schools free from the terrible acts of bullying behaviors. We are our children’s greatest advocates against bullying.
If your child has been a victim of constant bullying, please download my FREE materials below

The Bully Band
Parents in Rhythm
Self-Identity Worksheet Sharing My Goals and Attributes 
I used these tools when my own child was bullied in school, and they work. Know your rights. Intervene and become your child’s voice piece for peace.

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