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Take a good look at this face — My daughter, a happy-go-lucky teenager, who is still growing and making sense of her world. Just replace this photo with that of your own child or grandchild. We have such high hopes for their happiness, don’t we?


This 2017-2018 school year, my kid will be in 10thgrade. I’m not at all sure where the time has gone, but it certainly has flown by. Like your children, she has so many expectations, and she’s counting on so many people to help her ‘get it all right’.  As you read these words, I know you’re thinking about your own children/grandchildren while sharing similar hopes regarding their new school year. Together, we can pray for the best school-year ever. We have lots to look forward to, and be grateful for, and I know you’ll agree with me.

Like so many parents, I pray to God that my child’s journey, along with so many others with their very own high hopes, will be rewarding as they progress academically, behaviorally, and socially. As I take a look at my child’s schedule, I know it will be very taxing, but all worth it.

Our children will learn things that neither of us ever thought possible, some good and some bad – just a part of learning and growing. Our children will discover, make new friends, learn to make adjustments, continue to realize that not all students/teachers are alike, and so much more.


As parents, our job is to ensure our children have the tools needed to “jump start” their school year. This entails plenty of good rest each night, nutritious breakfasts, proper school supplies, lots of love and academic/behavioral support. Remember, we must also support great teachers and staff, be ready and willing to show up at school functions from time-to-time, monitor our kids’ activities (especially social media), and more. We must also have talks with our children about their goals (short and long), and their role in taking charge of their world.


Firstly, I can only hope school officials have done their part in searching for and choosing great teachers for our classroom settings. I mean, teachers who really LOVE teaching and positively interacting with children. Make no mistake about it, I’m talking about teachers who are:

  • ~highly qualified to teach assigned subject matter(s), and really TEACH
  • ~efficacious (believe all students can and will learn)
  • ~caring and compassionate
  • ~nurturing (when needed)
  • ~organized/timely
  • ~skilled in Social-Emotional Learning techniques
  • ~eager to continue staff development training learning new trends in education


Thank you for teaching our children. We really appreciate your hard work and the time you’ve put into preparing your lessons for our children. Many of you are SO wonderful, and so many of us parents and grandparents alike, TRULY honor you, so what I’m about to say below does not pertain to the many great teachers who already do what I’ve listed above. I’m not talking about YOU.

For those of you who don’t really like children, and you know full well who you are. Please find something else to do that you really love. Please stop hurting our children!

By the way, we realize our children should be able to do some things on their own. We get it. I too believe in functional developmental stages, but please do not forget they are still our children. They are not adults, and we are their mouth pieces, their voices, their advocates whenever they need us.

Teachers – We want to support you as you support our children, but please do not bully, demean, scream at, or ridicule our children in front of their peers. And by all means, please do not become angry whenever parents ask you simple questions and begin to immaturely sulk by ‘pencil whipping them.’ Did your teachers do this to you? If so, did you like it? How did it make you feel?


Children, it is your responsibility to take charge of your own activities. You can do it!  Listen to your parents! Parents are actually wiser than you think. Why? Because we’ve been where you are. Respect your teachers, administrators, friends/peers, and most of all yourselves. You must follow school and classroom rules, and you must follow the laws of our great land. You’ve been taught to have pride and to carry your family name well. Do That!

Show your parents and teachers that you’re mature enough to take charge of your own busy schedules, homework, and balanced nutrition. You can do this! If you need help, ask questions. And, don’t let things that bother you pile up in your minds/hearts. Seek help. Speak up.

SAFETY for Children

Finally, but not at all suggested as being least important, we need our children to enter and dwell in safe and secure schools — free from bullying acts. All children should feel comfortable attending

school environments without compromise. Each of us hope for this. If by chance parents/teachers you need a supportive tool to help combat bullying, please see my resource guide,

A Bully Blueprint Solutions for Kids It is full of helpful tools any parent or educator can use.

Let us make it a great school year parents and teachers. We are the adults charged with massaging, nurturing and shaping the children of our future.

Let us ALL make it a good one!


Parents/Educators - Join the conversation engaging in achieving corrective solutions for bullying.





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