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Dear Dr. Cherrye,

My husband and I were told that new laws may convene where the parents of the school bully may receive legal fines. Is this true?

Dear Is this true,

Some states are indeed implementing new laws that will fine the parents of the bully. You’d have to investigate which states are on board, however.

Dr. Cherrye can tell you this: I am on board with parents receiving fines after some time. What I mean by ‘some time’ is the following: 1. Firstly, I feel strongly that some parents may not be aware that they have a child bully 2. Secondly, parents should be given time to intervene with their child. I believe in fair and just warning. Fair warning may differ from state to state or interpretation per interpretation, so I’ll address a bit more below.

Fair Warning

As an educator, I realize that some parents are taken by storm that their own child is a school or class bully. No kidding! School officials should contact the parents of the bully with details about the students bullying behaviors and/or verbiage. School staff must have their documentation in place with full descriptive details. “No stones should be left unturned.” This is a very serious undertaking, so school officials must have accurate facts to share with parents.

Parental Intervention

Once the parent has been alerted with details, the parent must work closely with school officials on strategies to STOP their child from bullying and hurting his/her school/classmates. School officials and parents must agree on a fair and reasonable amount of time that the child/student will have remediation and end his/her bullying. It would be good for both parties to come back again for updates. Yes! Parents should be given fair time to intervene and persuade their child against bullying.

Parental Accountability

After a fair amount of time, the bullying should have ended. If not, the parent(s) of the bully should then be held accountable for his/her child. Accountability may range from asking the parents to leave their place of employment each time their child has bullied someone — to jail time.

School officials should feel comfortable with moving forward in reporting the child bully abuse, and parents should receive the fines established by their state. Again, fines may vary from state to state.

This does not mean that the child should not face his/her own accountability issues? No! Because the child is the one who has done wrong, they should indeed face consequences for their own actions.

I’ll list other resources below that may help parents help their child bully.

Other Helpful Resources


I’ve made it my mission to assist parents in resolving the bullying issues their children are suffering. Offering your feedback and suggestions in the comment section could facilitate meaningful dialog on this critical issue among ourselves and I encourage this. I will respond to each comment in a timely way. Should you wish to speak privately with me, please email be at CherryeVasquez@gmail.com, and I will reply promptly.


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