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Fans and Friends,

As many of you know, I began Blogging in 2011 and I really had a heartfelt purpose, and I still do. My fans/audiences are VERY important to me, so that’s why I wanted to learn as much as I could crafting your needs with a purpose.

Even with my heart deeply set in the topics (Bullying and Diversity) with an attempt to reach and support as many families as I possibly could, I had no idea how ‘green’ I was with the business side of blogging even while sharing my important messages with parents/educators all over. Well, that’s now changed due to a course I stumbled upon on Facebook. That’s right – Facebook!

With my coffee cup in hand, for the past few days I’ve awakened to the online course assignment of the day, and I can’t tell you how pleased I’ve been with the wealth of knowledge I’ve absorbed. This course is titled: 30 Day Blogging Fast Track, and I’m happy to share it with you today.

This 30-day course is designed by Heather and Pete Reese who orchestrated a state-of-the-art program-sequence taking the student step-by-step (as though they’re actually holding your hands) through what it takes to become a Professional Blogger. I mean, who doesn’t want to become a Pro-Blogger? It just makes sense to enhance your purpose giving your audiences what they actually need from you to help their families – Right?

If you’d like to monetize your blog, take a closer look within.

30 Day Blogging Fast Track course has been rebranded as: Blogging Blastoff, but it’s the exact same course I’ve taken in June.

Click Here to get started:


If you’re still on the sidelines, why don’t you begin with the FREE 5 Day Email Crash Course, first.

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Note: Monthly enrollments are available, and you’ll want to start on the first day, if possible, but not at all required.  And, if you ever need assistance with creating logos (or any designs for that matter) you can always contact FIVERR experts, and at very reasonable costs. Just look at their reviews, and select wisely. I use FIVERR for all my marketing, designing, book cover, illustrations and videography needs. No kidding! See my book cover designs on my website. Just click over.

I want to answer your questions, so please ask me. Okay?

Note: The link to begin the course is revised monthly, so feel free to contact me anytime you’ve come here and the link is old.

Dr. Cherrye