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Dear Dr. Cherrye,

What are your thoughts about enrolling children in classes such as karate and Tae Kwon Do for the purpose of defending themselves from school bullies? We’ve tried everything else, so we must do something!

Dear, we’ve tried everything else, so we must do something! Dr. Cherrye always leans toward encouraging children to talk things out using friendly discourse, and social skills first and foremost. However, I also realize there comes a time when children tire of the meddling, and harassment posed on them from bullies — to the point they feel there is no relief and they’re backed into a corner (so to speak).

Last Resort

When all else has failed and the bully just will not ‘let up’, martial arts (utilized as intended) – wisely and skillfully, can be helpful as a last resort.

Children, at this point are disciplined at their craft and must realize the laws in some states which notes that their hands/feet must be registered as lethal weapons. Realizing this, parents must instill within their children the necessity of choosing their battles carefully.

Now, if you choose to go this route, please think of the other benefits that makes enrolling in martial arts courses beneficial for your children — other than to fight against school bullies. I’ll list a few benefits below.

Study of Martial Arts

  • physical fitness/exercise
  • discipline/perseverance
  • organizational skills/timeliness
  • forms great social skills
  • builds confidence
  • forming friendships
  • patience with others
  • keeps children’s time/mind occupied
  • Finally, as a last resort for protection against the school bully.

And of course, Dr. Cherrye will list a few resources below that might aide you through this process.

Additional Resources


I’ve made it my mission to assist parents in resolving the bullying issues their children are suffering. Offering your feedback and suggestions in the comment section could facilitate meaningful dialog on this critical issue among ourselves and I encourage this. I will respond to each comment in a timely way. Should you wish to speak privately with me, please email be at CherryeVasquez@gmail.com, and I will reply promptly.


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