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Dear Dr. Cherrye,

Just the thought of going back-to-school can incite anxiety, sometimes exhausting, but for some kids an exhilarating time of year. My girlfriends and I were just talking the other day about preparing our children of various age groups for back-to-school. We were tossing around ideas so we’re not so worn-out trying to keep our homes and families organized. Will you offer additional tips, please?

~ No mama burn-out for us ~

Dear no mama burn-out for us,

Family dynamics differ from family to family, so Dr. Cherrye will share what she knows, so you moms can avoid mama burn-out as long as possible.

School Supplies

Have you moms taken out the school supply lists teachers sent home back in May? It’s time to purchase everything each teacher requested so your children will be ready to ‘take off’ with their studies. You’ll want to avoid those afternoon ‘teacher-reminder’ phone calls or worse — a note sent home. Right?

Regardless of your children’s grade levels and ages, they’re sure to need pens or pencils, notebooks, paper, highlighters, glue sticks, and pocket folders. Some teachers may request paper towels, baggies, index cards and even sanitizers (my daughter’s teachers did).

Does spending only $1.00 for each school supply item sound like a great savings to you? If so, stop by Dollar Tree and leave with a smile.

Don’t forget backpacks because children will need something sturdy and reliable to carry all their supplies, okay? Due to school violence, some school officials may request mesh, or see-through backpacks so anyone can see what’s inside.

Are there high schoolers in your bunch? These days, school districts provide school assigned laptops, so high schoolers may need flash drives for saving/backing up important files. I remember my child needing to prepare PowerPoint or Prezi presentations (think about History lessons), so be sure to pick up a few memory sticks keeping these kids ready.  Having these handy little gadgets around will lessen the stress of busy moms having to run out at the last minute to grab one. Trust me!

College Kids

Don’t forget about your kids going off to college. They may not need a backpack or uniforms, but if you have kids who’ll be driving back to college campuses you’ll want their hands to be free of cell phones while on the roads. Yes, I know – the best thing is to encourage our young drivers to wait until they’ve reached their destination to take a call, but for those who won’t listen and/or if their is a need for alerting parents/police officers of an issue, or to navigate their GPS for directions, you’ll want them to have their hands on the steering wheel as much as possible – right?  A car phone mount is ideal for these situations and will make any parent feel more relaxed, especially on those rainy or foggy days back to college.


Some school districts are very strict about students wearing uniforms, so you’ll want to adhere to school official requests. If not, you’ll know your favorite stores. For the smaller children in your group, you moms will want to make shopping easy, so go online and take advantage of the free shipping, too. Take a look!

Free Shipping over $75 at Gymboree
Crazy 8
Free Shipping over $75 at Crazy 8
Janie and Jack
Free Shipping Over $100 at Janie and Jack!


I’m not sure which pharmacy your group uses, but Walgreens will prepare each child for a healthy, and ready back-to-school year with his/her annual shots. Most Walgreens accept walk-ins. How convenient is that?

Family House Keeping Rules

Ensure all children hop into their beds at a reasonable time period each night.

Get those teeth brushed, personal needs met, turn off the T.V., put cell phones away and shut down those computers.  Okay?

Age-appropriate children should take on the responsibility of ‘manning’ their own alarm clocks. This teaches both discipline and responsibility.

Some children aren’t great with organization no matter what you try, or how organized moms may be. If any of you have children with these characteristics, you’ll want to invest in a few planners. You’d be surprised at how something as simple as a planner will work for some children needing help with time management and/or organizational skills.

Morning Ritual

Ensure the children remain on an organized schedule

1.     Shower

2.     Get Dressed

3.     Breakfast (hot preferred) or a nutritious smoothie

4.     Back pack/Laptop

5.     Homework secured

6.     Get to bus route on time/walkers/car riders

If a child needs help with organization and time management, a chart or dry erase board can be mounted on the wall in his/her bedroom. Have the child check off his/her progress. After a while, perhaps they won’t need it (a great goal).

Afternoon/Evening Ritual

1.     Nutritious snack or smoothie

2.     Homework completed

3.     Dinner

4.     Fun Break/Sports activities

5.     Shower

6.     Brush Teeth

7.     Electronics off/Lights off/Time to Sleep

Let’s Talk Nutrition

Eating healthy stimulates brain cells and allows children to think clearly with more pep in their step and energized for learning, paying attention, or time on task. It’s important to super charge children with essential vegetables, fruits and vitamin supplements. Also, our children must have fluids (water), and lots of it. Find out the recommended portions to your child’s age/weight. For example, most pediatricians recommend 64 oz. daily for teens.

I love preparing smoothie drinks for my daughter at any time – morning or afternoon. She’s able to get lots of veggies and fruits in one drink. For the picky eaters in your group, top off their smoothie drinks with flavorful powders from Healthy Skoop. As  moms we have to do whatever we can to get nutrition inside our kids’ bodies.

Foods – check daily nutrition charts (food pyramid)



Vitamins – (Vitafusion MultiVites)  (my teen daughter’s personal favorite)

Liquids (water preferred)

Walgreens carries a variety of items for snacks, water, and vitamin supplements, too.

Let’s Talk Exercise

Exercise is important to our children’s body. In fact, when children spend time outside they naturally receive sun rays which impacts the amount of vitamin D levels they’ll take in. According to Kids Health (2018), active kids will have:

~ stronger muscles and bones

~ learner bodies

~ less risk of becoming overweight

~ a lower chance of getting type 2 diabetes

~ lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels

~ a better outlook on life.

And, another great way for all family members to keep fit is the investment of great exercise equipment that can be utilized right in the comfort of your home. Have you seen this? Pilate PRO Chair – It’s an all-in-one great way of taking your whole body workout to a whole new level.

Dr. Cherrye wants to also add bullying on the list of back-to-school tips every parent should be apprised. Sounds weird, right?

Here’s Why: Before I delve into these important items, I want to remind you and the other moms of these alarming bullying statistics.

Current Bullying Statistics

According to Bullying Statistics (2017) in the year 2015, The National Center of Education Statistics reported this: About 21 percent of students ages 12–18 admitted being bullied at school during the school year. Of students ages 12–18, about 13 percent reported they were made fun of, called names, or insulted; 12 percent reported being the subject of rumors; 5 percent reported being pushed, shoved, tripped, or spat on; and 5 percent reported being excluded from activities on purpose (social bullying – it hurts!). Additionally, 4 percent of students reported being threatened with harm, 3 percent reported that others tried to make them do things they did not want to do, and 2 percent reported their property was destroyed by others on purpose.  As a parent, I know you’ll agree that these statistics are frightening.

So, please share a copy of my parent manual titled: A Bully Blueprint: Solutions for Kids.  Why? Bullying continues to be on the rise and increasing daily. Take a look at the table of contents chocked full of subject matter that all parents will find helpful. We must intervene and get a handle on bullying issues plaguing our children and taking over our schools.

In addition, please download my two (2) FREE e-books titled:

The Bully Band Parents in Rhythm

This FREE e-book will ….

·         Tell you how to gather and effectively document bullying incidents

·         Give you tips on how to color-code specific documentation

·     Give ideas that you’ve never thought of while keeping you legal

·         Remind you of two main purposes

o   Putting an END to bullying

o   Keeping you calm and on track

Self-Identity Worksheet Sharing My Goals & Positive Attributes

This FREE e-book will ….

·         Help boost your child’s self-esteem/self-worth

·         Encourage your child to embrace his/her self-identity with pride

·         Foster love for self and individuality (Diversity)

·         Allow your child to share his/her unique attributes and goals

o   short-term goals

o   long-term goals

Parents: I hope you can include these important materials/resources helping parents all over with Bullying which sometimes leads to Bully-cide (suicide as a result of bullying). It’s my goal as an advocate against bullying to help parents avoid getting to this level of pain.

Also, see my 2016-2017 Back-To-School blog post for additional information. It’s still an appropriate read.

Finally, for moms on the go, you ladies might enjoy shopping at ShareASale – a online one-stop-shop venue that’s loaded with thousands of companies, but under one umbrella. While shopping for school supplies, you moms will also find anything from clothing, shoes, foods, gardening, nutrition, pet supplies, toys, furniture, travel and much more

And, don’t forget to capture those lovely first day of school smiles as you make memories of a lifetime. I love taking my mobile device to the Walgreens digital booth to create my favorite photos. I can either print my photos or use Walgreens options to frame my special memories. Sometimes I’ll choose to just bring my prints home and arrange them in my family’s photo albums. It’s really up to you.

Best wishes to you and all your mama friends for a happy no burn-out school year!

~ Dr. Cherrye

l Iook forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!


I’ve made it my mission to assist parents in resolving the bullying issues their children are suffering. Offering your feedback and suggestions in the comment section could facilitate meaningful dialog on this critical issue among ourselves and I encourage this. I will respond to each comment in a timely way.  Should you wish to speak privately with me, please email me at CherryeVasquez@gmail.com, and I will reply promptly.


Parents/Educators - Join the conversation engaging in achieving corrective solutions for bullying.

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