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Let’s face it! Bullying hurts!
If you don’t believe me just take a look at this video which, in my opinion, is painful to watch. Afterward, close your eyes for just a moment – Now, just imagine how this child’s mother must feel. The pain and agony has to throb!  Believe it or not, some children fear school bullies. They have to face them daily until help arrives. Why not give them a source of help – I really love the idea of this beautifully crafted whistle cross. It’s nice and can serve two purposes without notice. Right?
8-Year-Old Biracial Boy Nearly Lynched
Link: https://www.theroot.com/new-hampshire-police-refuse-to-release-information-on-c-1803054596
Our children depend on us to help them figure out how to handle these annoying, and sometimes ruinous behaviors, and that’s expressly why I’ve written The Bully Band Parents in Rhythm giving you simple tools of how to successfully take charge of your child’s fate by documenting incidences of bullying that your child may deal with almost daily.

Your child will no longer be the victim. Now, you’re ready to calmly take your well-documented notes to school officials explaining what’s been going on in your child’s world at school. Go ahead, download your free e-book. Read through this guide, and get started today.

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The Bully Band Parents in Rhythm

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Now that you’ve learned how to document and take the “bull by the horn” you’ve graduated to more advanced step-by-step procedures making you aware of what to look for, ways to intervene, how chart data, pin-point and analyze antecedents which prompt undesired behaviors, and finally wipe out bullying one child at a time. This is where A Bully Blueprint Solutions for Kids comes in. Take a look inside this 67-page resource guide chocked full of answers and strategies.
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