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Dear Dr. Cherrye,

School bullying has gotten to the point it’s effecting my child both physically and mentally. It hurts seeing her so miserable. Times have changed from when I was in school. I mean, I know there were a few disagreements and fights, but this constant bullying is really tough.

I’m thinking about resigning from my job and enrolling my kid in some sort of online high school course, or I’m even tossing around the possibility of homeschooling. It’s gotten just this serious. The problem is, I need employment. I have bills to pay, so I’m desperately trying to figure this all out.

~I’m Desperately Trying to Figure this all Out ~

Dear I’m desperately trying to figure this all out,

You’re right! Bullying is increasing rather than decreasing, but I’m not sure if the answer is to abandoned public schools altogether, rather – school officials need to become robust in their mission to help eliminate bullying from its environments. According to Bullying Statistics (2017) in the year 2015, The National Center of Education Statistics reported this: About 21 percent of students ages 12–18 admitted being bullied at school during the school year. Of students ages 12–18, about 13 percent reported they were made fun of, called names, or insulted; 12 percent reported being the subject of rumors; 5 percent reported being pushed, shoved, tripped, or spat on; and 5 percent reported being excluded from activities on purpose. Additionally, 4 percent of students reported being threatened with harm, 3 percent reported that others tried to make them do things they did not want to do, and 2 percent reported their property was destroyed by others on purpose.

These percentages are alarming, so Dr. Cherrye understands your fear and commitment for change. I certainly can’t blame you! I want to also mention that I’ve written a book on this very topic, titled: A Bully Blueprint Solutions for Kids and you can scroll down below this post for my two FREEBIES that’re sure to help you and your daughter, so please take a look and download them today.

Since your heart is into removing your daughter from a toxic environment, your ideas of either enrolling her into an online school, or homeschooling are both viable options.

You mentioned your concern about employment. May Dr. Cherrye ask: Do you have a hobby, or skill that you’re passionate about? If so, can you turn your hobby into an online blogging business while attempting to monetize your blog? All you’ll need is:

1. internet connection

2. reliable computer/laptop

3. blog hosting

Blogging has become a household name these days, and if you have the desire for this sort of thing, you may want to give it a try.

If you use Bluehost for hosting, your domain name is absolutely free. You can take a 30-day course teaching you absolutely everything a new Blogger needs to know, and you’ll feel comfortably thrilled.

Here’s how:

30 Day Blogging Fast Track course has been rebranded as: Blogging Blastoff.

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If you’re still on the sidelines, why don’t you begin with the FREE 5 Day Email Crash Course, first.

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Please let Dr. Cherrye know if you have other questions, and if I can recommend anything else to help you transition from the workplace right into your home.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!


I’ve made it my mission to assist parents in resolving the bullying issues their children are suffering. Offering your feedback and suggestions in the comment section could facilitate meaningful dialog on this critical issue among ourselves and I encourage this. I will respond to each comment in a timely way.  Should you wish to speak privately with me, please email me at CherryeVasquez@gmail.com, and I will reply promptly.

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2 thoughts on “School Bullying and Blogging?

  1. Linda says:

    Excellent advice Cherrye. I’m really curious to learn how to monetize a blog and will definitely explore the links you have provided. I’ve made it a habit to return to your blog every few days – always something new and interesting – different slants on problem solving and such supportive and helpful advice to parents, who ache for the suffering their children experience. They may not be my children, but every time I read one of their stories, I yearn to put my arms around them and make them feel safe and secure which is what they all need and deserve.

    1. Dr. Cherrye says:

      Thank you, Linda. The blogging journey has been lots of fun and hard work. I love challenges, so I’m definitely up for it. I also LOVE helping families combat the atrocities of bullying, so it’s all so worth it. Anytime I can help a child get through bullying, I feel that I’ve met a goal. Thanks for your willingness to soothe a child. You’re tops!

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