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Dear Dr. Cherrye,

I am appalled that people of Asian descent are being bullied and blamed for the spread of COVID-19 to the point that a few have been physically and verbally attacked. You’d think that during this time, we could come together as one. When I read about this, I become despondent.

Dear Despondent,

During this unprecedented era of the coronavirus (COVID-19), most of us will come together in harmony, compassion and just plain humble hearts. Because many of our associates ‘fit this bill’, it’s difficult for us to understand how some may capitalize on this era-in-time to hurt and demean others. Believe it or not, some people have the audacity to bully, demean, belittle and shun those who they feel are at the crux of this matter.

An Unprecedented Time

We are indeed experiencing unprecedented times. I’ve certainly never lived during a time where stores, restaurants, malls, schools and more have been closed due to a virus. The increase of infections and deaths across the states are growing like seaweed, and yet we are faced with making social adjustments never thought about during the span of our lives. Knowing this, we are taking notice of the many countries and States impacted by COVID-19. Because we are facing an era that we’ve never seen before, we must not forget our compassion for others who are in need.

Increase in Bullying Asians

It has been widely known via media and social media alike that our Asian friends have been unjustly targeted and ostracized due to none other than their heritage and association with their culture. The sudden increase in racism and xenophobia has resulted in attacks on them due to myths, lies, harden hearts, and stereotypes, even though we really do not know how the virus got its start. But should the latter matter?


Although it’s very important to learn how this virus took root so that we can avoid repeating this mistake in the future, the blame game must end. The point is: We are all human and prone to mistakes. If this world continues to exist, one day COVID-19 will seem small compared to what’s to come. Besides, we may never know if the virus stemmed from live animals in the Wuhan market of China, or if it originated with the U.S. military personnel in that same area, or perhaps something totally different. Let’s be fair about it. How in the world can we actually pin-point its origin? What we do know is that it’s here, we are all at risk, and many will be impacted in some way or another. So now what?


Even as we work through social distancing, those of us with a sense of care must role model and take the lead exhibiting appropriate behaviors to everyone that we come into contact with. We must treat everyone the way that we’d hope to be treated. We must show our children how to treat others, and we must practice what we preach – diversity matters.

You all know that just because a person is of Asian descent does not mean that they have the coronavirus, so please stop it! There is no place in our society for bullying, racist incidents and racist intentions. This is a time for each of us to reflect while coming together with love and compassion.

Each of us should focus on how we can keep ourselves and our families healthy, and then we must reach out and think of others such as our neighbors, the elderly and co-workers in need of our helping hands.

Settle Down

Once we have settled down with the essential items and supplies needed to survive, we must patiently ride-out our time in isolation and/or quarantine status as prescribed and mandated by our leaders who are charged with guiding us through this pandemic. We must adhere to the rules/regulations and laws of our land. If we do this, we will be able to get through this epidemic better than we all could have ever hoped.

Resources on Diversity

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I’ve made it my mission to assist parents in resolving the bullying issues their children are suffering. Offering your feedback and suggestions in the comment section could facilitate meaningful dialog on this critical issue among ourselves and I encourage this. I will respond to each comment in a timely way. Should you wish to speak privately with me, please email be at CherryeVasquez@gmail.com, and I will reply promptly.


Parents/Educators - Join the conversation engaging in achieving corrective solutions for bullying.

Free e-Books

Use my free resources, Self-Identity Worksheet: Sharing My Goals & Positive Attributes and The Bully Band: Parents in Rhythm as tools to help you help your child with bullying, and to help build your child’s self-esteem.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus and Bullying

  1. Alberto Teneyuque says:

    It is such a shame the bullying of diffrentvraces for diffrent reasons. Seems like what we experience in the administration of schools denial of problem.In this case are own president is the bully.

    1. Dr. Cherrye says:

      I agree, Alberto, but we will keep advocating against bullying and how it adversely affects our children. Thank you so much for your work a well.

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